Metabolomics and Tissue Imaging

Activities and Methods:

Metabolomics is the youngest family member of functional genomics and is devoted to the identification and quantitation of as many small molecule compounds (i.e., metabolites) as possible in biological systems in response to genetic modifications and environmental perturbations. The major focus of in-house metabolomics technology development is on designing and validating new and innovative analytical methods by UPLC-MRM/MS, UPLC-ultrahigh-resolution Fourier transform (FT) MS and chromatography-free FTMS for more comprehensive and in-depth determination of metabolites and lipids in blood, urine, cells, tissues and plants, as well as other compounds such as naphthenic acids in environmental samples. With the successful and continuing development of an assay of new UPLC-MRM/MS and UPLC-FTMS methods, we provide both targeted and untargeted metabolomics services, as the Victoria node of Genome Canada-funded TMIC (The Metabolomics Innovation Centre,, on a cost-recovery or collaborative basis, for domestic and international researchers and industrial clients.
The focus of in-house tissue imaging research is on developing novel and enhanced MALDI-MS techniques for high-throughput and multiplexed in situ detection and imaging of both small and large biomolecules in tissues and plants. With successful screening of a series of new MALDI matrices and invention of a novel technique, i.e., MCAEF (Matrix Coating Assisted by an Electric Field; patent pending), we are able to detect and image >800 metabolites and lipids and about 240 proteins in tissues by MALDI-FTICR/MS and MALDI-TOF/MS. Currently, we are continuing to develop new methods and are applying these techniques for clinical tissue imaging.

Cost-recovery and Collaborative Services

Targeted Metabolomics (Targeted Metabolite Analysis and Metabolic Profiling)
- Amino acids, biogenic amines, and intermediates of amino acid metabolism and urine cycle
- Metabolites involved in central carbon metabolism (glycolysis, gluconeogenesis, pentose phosphate pathway, the TCA cycle) --- sugar phosphates, nucleosides, enzyme cofactors, D/L-2-hydroxyglutarate and so on.
- Low-molecular weight aldoses and ketoses
- Bile acids, dihydroxy cholestenoic acid (DHCA), trihydroxy cholestanoic acid (THCA), and >40 potentially unknown bile acids
- Bioactive carboxylates, hydroxyl- and keto-carboxylates
- Short-, medium- and long-chain fatty acids; acyl-carnitines; acetyl-coenzymes; acyl-glycines
- Selected steroid hormones and sterols involved in cholesterol and steroid anabolism and catabolism: cortisol, 6β-OH cortisol, DHEA, DHEA sulphate, estrogens and androgens, etc.
- Oxidative stress biomarkers in relation to lipid, protein and DNA/RNA peroxidation
- Neurotransmitters
- Thyroid hormones
- Vitamin D and metabolites
- Polyphenols
- Naphthenic acids (>400)

Untargeted Metabolomics (Metabolic Fingerprinting and Metabolic Footprinting)
- UPLC-FTMS and UPLC-MS/MS, in combination with multiple RP, ion-pairing and HILIC methods and multivariate statistics
- Direct infusion-FTICR MS

MALDI Imaging
- Protein imaging by MALDI-TOF/MS
- Metabolite, lipid and peptide imaging by MALDI-FTICR/MS
- Quantitative imaging by MALDI-MRM/MS

Research Highlights

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Tissue Imaging

16. Wang X, Han J, Yang J, Pan J, Borchers CH. Matrix coating assisted by an electric field (MCAEF) for enhanced tissue imaging by MALDI-MS. Chem. Sci. 2015, 6: 729–738.

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Group Members:

Jun Han, PhD, group leader
Xiaodong Wang, postdoc
Karen Lin, research associate